The new era of Low-Code developing

Version 3.0 Released.

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Design your forms, edit and debug your code, run your application in the embedded Chromium browser. All from the IDE.

In the business world, software development can be a costly endeavor, leading many companies to prefer standardized software solutions. However, using off-the-shelf software can lead to inefficiencies and lower quality. While outsourcing software development can provide specialized expertise, it can also result in security risks and a lack of control. On the other hand, insourcing can provide greater control but may be more expensive and require sufficient resources to support an in-house IT department.

To address these challenges, low-code tools have emerged as a popular solution for businesses. Low-code tools allow for faster development times, reduced costs, improved collaboration, improved quality, and scalability. These tools enable businesses to build basic applications themselves with minimal coding knowledge, and developers can then extend and apply more complex business rules. At PHsPeed, we offer low-code tooling that allows businesses to build applications with greater control. Our tooling enables businesses to start building applications and rely on our assistance and training where required, and we have preferred partners that can assist in building and finishing projects. By leveraging low-code tools like ours, businesses can enjoy the benefits of software development without sacrificing control, quality, or budget.

The best news of this all PHsPeed generates clean, maintainable code, no spaghetti. It can be hosted anywhere, from shared hosters to on-premise. Therefore you have no vendor-lockin whatsoever! Own what you build with no dependencies!

PHsPeed has all the tools you need to create clean, full-responsive web applications based on PHP, Bootstrap, and PDO. It supports all PDO-aware databases, is able to create Progressive web applications (PWA), has application wizards, query builder, and for developers, has debuggers for PHP and Javascript. Register for our free webinars to get a good basic insight into the tool and start a trial to see what PHsPeed can do for you.

Some live applications

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Customer showcase 'Coalition for Inclusion'

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PHsPeed has been used to create a community website for the UN Treaty for the Rights of People with Disabilities. The front end makes use of dedicated Bootstrap Tags for Screenreaders and is part of the standard PHsPeed implementation.



The first contours of version 3.1

We haven't been resting...

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Replacement is on its way.

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Vulnerability testing

Do we do vulnerability testing?

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