The new era of Low-Code developing

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Affordable software development

Why PHsPeed?

Database design

To benefit the most from a low-code tool like PHsPeed, you need to have a good database model to store your data. The application wizards that are available use this structure to help you build your application.

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Total Freedom!

Developers are hard to find, especially if you need specialists from your vendor. PHsPeed uses PHP, has a low learning curve, and can be used by nearly anybody. Add the fact that it can be hosted anywhere and does not require vendor hardware. You stay in control!

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In PHsPeed you can create applications without a single line of code. But we don't dare to call that a no-code platform. So let's be real here. We haven't seen user demands that could be fixed without a single line of code. No coding tools have all kind of menus to allow you to interfere in application flow or complex schematics that becomes messy. Most of the time, a few lines of simple PHP is enough...

Be inspired!

With PHsPeed you have a great improvement in development speed compared to traditional development or using frameworks. The RBA module and audit trail provide security and auditable updates. Totp (multi-factor authentication) provides enhanced functionality. Nothing is holding you up.

Announcement PHsPeed 2.3

Final beta tests are running...

PHsPeed Maintenance release

The next release will be focussed on maintenance...

Version 2.2 Released

Improved IDE/Debugger, PWA, New components...