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Version 3.0 Released.

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Traditional software development is costly and requires a lot of skills and specialized professionals. Nowadays, finding experienced developers can be difficult. Imagine if end-users could create prototypes that developers could build upon by applying business rules. This would increase productivity and add more flexibility to your agile approach. However, no-code solutions can lead to suboptimal solutions and hidden costs due to inefficiencies. PHsPeed allows for forming business development and operations (bizdevop) teams where end-users can create basic applications, and developers can enhance them by implementing complex business rules. This creates powerful teams where users and technicians can work together with high productivity. Additionally, PHsPeed allows for collaboration with freelance developers, allowing for the development of prototypes in a short amount of time. When users are involved in the early stages of development and have a say in the process, the acceptance and effectiveness of the solution increase significantly. With PHsPeed, not only will development be faster, but the time-to-market will be greatly reduced, while still maintaining the full flexibility offered by PHP. PHsPeed allows to use standards where possible and adjust where necessary, this is the power of PHsPeed

Design your forms, edit and debug your code, run your application in the embedded Chromium browser. All from the IDE.

Phsp3 Min

For developers, PHsPeed contains a full PHP and JavaScript debugger.

Dbg3 Min

Affordable software development

Why PHsPeed?

Database design

To maximize the utilization of a low-code platform such as PHsPeed, it is essential to have a well-designed database model to store your data. The application wizards available within PHsPeed utilize this structure to facilitate the development process.
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Total Freedom!

Developers are hard to find, especially if you need specialists from your vendor. PHsPeed uses PHP, has a low learning curve, and can be used by nearly anybody. Add the fact that it can be hosted anywhere and does not require vendor hardware. You stay in control!

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In PHPSpeed, you can create applications without writing a single line of code. However, we do not refer to it as a no-code platform. To be honest, we have not encountered user demands that can be resolved without writing any code. No coding tools have all the necessary menus to allow for interference in the application flow or complex schematics that can become messy. In most cases, a few lines of simple PHP are sufficient.

Be inspired!

With PHPSpeed, you have the power to revolutionize your web development process. The RBA module and audit trail provide an added layer of protection and auditable updates, while the TOTP (multi-factor authentication) feature offers enhanced functionality. With PHPSpeed, you can break free from the constraints of traditional development and frameworks. The sky is the limit, what will you create?

PHsPeed version 3.0 released.

After extensive testing we are proud to release version 3.0

PHsPeed Version 3.0 / PHP 8.2

The release of PHP 8.2 is prosponed until half of December, and PHsPeed 3.0 is getting mature for release.

Version 2.3.1 Released

Today we released version 2.3.1...