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PHsPeed (English) (Restricted Access) Topics
PHsPeed version 3.x
Today, we reopened our forum again. After heavy misuse, we think we have fixed the issues and can reopen. Although we've had issues recovering the correct posting dates, we did manage to recover the content which is most important.
Releases and release notes
This forum is especially for communicating our release notes.
Bug reports
Please supply a full, detailed bug report so we can reproduce it. If we acknowledge the issue, then we will transfer your issue to the bug tracker. There, you can follow progress.
If you have found a security issue, please do not post it on the forum but send an email to security at We will contact you as soon as possible to investigate the issue.

If you are a registered customer, you can use our ticket system for priority support. For generic questions, please use the forum so that everybody can benefit.
Feature requests
If you have ideas for improvements / enhancements then please put them here. Before posting, look to see if this is not already posted.
PHsPeed (Español) (Restricted Access) Topics
Reporta los bugs que encuentres aqui..
Dudas y preguntas en general
Tienes dudas?... hay algo que quieres lograr y no sabes como?... pregunta a la comunidad :)
Solicitudes de Funcionalidad
Tienes una gran idea que pudiera ayudarnos a todos?, compartela con nosotros.
Older versions (Restricted Access) Topics
PHsPeed Version 1.x
Please, use the forum only for on-topic issues.
PHsPeed Version 2.x
This forum is for questions about the use of PHsPeed 2.x