Aducom Software

Aducom Software.

The roots of Aducom Software go back to 1979. We started developing Z80A motherboards and system software, comparable to what Arduino is today. Over the years, we switched to writing software. We have experience in a whole range of programming languages. Algol, Fortran, Cobol, C( ), Pascal, Java, PHP. Have been active in writing compilers, query languages, application generators (Cobol). Currently, we are specialized in writing PHP web applications. We have build laboratory systems, healthcare systems (EPD), Compilers (Logic (Logo dialect) for education purposes), Education software, Financial, HRM, and a lot more. With Aducom Software, you are in good hands and can benefit from our experience of over 35 years of knowledge.


Around 2015 we started developing a PHP generator of our own as we were not satisfied with the product we used in those days, and the alternatives that were on the market. We have been- and are using this tooling for our own commercial projects. A few years ago, we demonstrated the product to some friends in our development community. The main question was 'is it for sale?'. After serious consideration we decided to make this product commercial and the name 'PHsPeed' was born. After a lot of hard work we managed to release our first edition in September 2020, mid Covid age. The current situation is that the product has a growing fan base, and that it is used in many different environments.

Out of our community, we have been lucky to select some great volunteers who are performing beta tests, help us get our documentation better, and help us determine strategy. These guys have been our inspiration to move on and make the product better and better. And we will continue our efforts to improve even further.

Open communication

From day 1, we have been open in all our development. We have nothing to hide. Therefore we have a public readable bug tracker. Yes, we do have issues from time to time. Yes, we might encounter a security issue at some point. But we believe that if we are open to what we do, we can expect the community to help us.  Do we have more issues than other tools? We don't think so. Do we have 'the best tool'? That's something that Dutch don't say about themselves. But we do think we have a great tool. Does it have features that others don't? Absolutely. If you follow the movies, the documentation, you can find all about it. Our bootstrap form designer, our debugger clients for PHP (XDebug) and Javascript, our application generators, our visual query builder, and much, much more. Missing some functionality? Have you found a great library that we can use? We are all ears.