Stay Ahead with PHsPeed: Adopting New PHP Versions Swiftly!

 administrator    10 Jul 2024
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PHP 8.4 alpha released.

At PHsPeed, we pride ourselves on rapidly adapting to the latest PHP versions. As soon as PHP releases a new version, we will implement it into our development environment. Our commitment is clear: ensuring you have access to the latest and most advanced PHP tools as quickly as possible.

Php84 Min

While we don’t deploy PHP alpha releases, you can count on us to integrate the latest official version by the end of November this year. Although XDebug and Microsoft's PDO drivers may have delays, our seamless environment allows you to develop on PHP 8.3 and test on PHP 8.4, ensuring uninterrupted progress.

Exciting news! The anticipated release of PHsPeed version 3.5 is slated for the end of August. We strategically avoid releasing updates during the holiday period to ensure a smooth transition for our users.

Get ready for a productive season with PHsPeed. New to PHsPeed? Don't forget to try it out! Questions? We'll be most happy to answer them.

Happy coding!