On what?

Total Freedom!

Many low-code providers require you to work on their system, to host on their system. Yes, SAAS is key... But did you ever think of the consequences? You have a lot of code built in a tool of a third party, hosted by this third party, and ... you want to move? This is what we call a vendor lock-in. Once you have chosen a platform, it is hard to move away. Increased pricing, dropping quality, no longer state-of-the-art. There can be many reasons to move away but you cannot.

Vendor Lock In Min

With PHsPeed this is not the case. PHsPeed generates readable, full object-oriented code that can be easily maintained even outside PHsPeed if you have to. PHP is alive and vibrant. PHP applications can be hosted virtually anywhere. Ever seen a web hoster on the web that does not support PHP? 75% of the internet is driven by PHP. You can use it on the internet, and for your intranet. PHP means total freedom, PHsPeed means total freedom, offers a Great Return On Investment, does not have a high learning curve, and you are not locked in. PHP is mainstream technology.