For what?

You tell us!

With PHsPeed you can create anything you like, fully responsive and based upon PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, and PDO. It is packed with all kinds of components, from database access to charts, from two-factor authentication to pdf. It is suitable for novice to full-stack developers. Generate CRUD applications from your database in minutes, and create forms in minutes. Apply your business rules. Just generate and run your code. Fits great in an agile approach. PHsPeed generates highly maintainable PHP code, We keep up with the latest versions of PHP and libraries. Because of PDO, you can use almost any database out there. No limitations, be inspired, create! Created a great application? We like to hear!

Bggen Min

  • Database-driven applications
    PHsPeed is a database-independent tool. By selecting a table you can generate a grid, a (crud) form, or a combination in a few seconds. Using the property editor you can easily change lay-out, colors, and behavior. From no-code to some low-code adjustments for implementing your business rules.

  • CSV driven applications
    PHsPeed can read csv files as if they were databases. You have the same features as if it was a database application.

  • Reporting
    PHsPeed can generate reporting grids, containing groups and totals. Master-detail relationship is a matter of binding two tables together. Display as multi grids or as a nested grid. You can do it all, no code required!

  • Email
    PHsPeed has components for sending (templated) emails. Create a template, apply variables and generate your email (based on phpmailer).

  • Role-based access
    PHsPeed contains templates for a full working role-based access module. It includes a TOTP generator for multifactor security.

  • Dashboards
    PHsPeed has components for charting. Create charts with multiple series.

  • PDF
    PHsPeed encapsulates tcpdf for creating pdf files.

  • And much more...
    Components for kanban swimming lanes, GoogleMaps, appointment calendar, security modules, etc., etc. And the list is growing with each new version