release notes for PHsPeed version 2.3.1 [17th October 2022]


  • Issue with installer that generated a 'illegal character' error.
  • Project loader: default folder is now shown.
  • Installer: Fixed issue that prevented to report new releases and modules.


PHP version 8.2 environment has bee upgraded. Be aware of the fact that PHP8.2 and XDebug suitable for PHP8.2 are both not yet released. PHsPeed does not officially support this environment yet, but deploys for testing purposes. 

  • PHP 8.2 beta has been upgraded to version 8.2.0 RC4
  • XDebug upgraded to version 3.2.0 RC1 

The debugger hasn't passed all tests yet, but it is functional now with PHP 8.2!

Database port verification

PHsPeed now verifies the defined MariaDB/MySQL database port in the projects against the running embedded MariaDB/MySQL If there is a mismatch, then the user can choose to change the internal database port, or to change the project modules to use the new port. This check is done on opening one of the modules.

This only applies for the MariaDB as some older sample applications are build on port 3306 while the internal port has been changed to 3307 to avoid conflicts with possible other Xampp environments.

Project loader

The project loader has changes and now support enhance project information and the create of databases. This function will be extended in future releases, for now it is focused on our samples. When selecting a sample application, PHsPeed will show some information about that project (if available) and show a button to create the necessary database tables to be able to run that application. The developer needs to select a database environment where to create the database tables.

Under the tabs you will find the DDL of the tables, so that you can change syntax if that is required (PHsPeed defaults to MySQL/Maria, but support all major databases).