ScriptCase vs Phspeed

via, Mon Mar 28 2022, 03:22PM

Hello to all,

I think like many people, I am a SC user, but like many people too, we know what happen with SC, a simple questions, PS in the actual state is a SC alternative replace.

Sc has a significant features, like refined search, select2, connected widget with ajax to reload ... and other things. For me until is not clear if I can replace SC with PS, without programming the missing functionalities, maybe are there a list of comparative features.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for my english    

Re: ScriptCase vs Phspeed
administrator, Mon Mar 28 2022, 09:03PM

PHsPeed can compete with all PHP generators that are currently on the market, including SC. In addition to that, you get a robust platform that is based upon Bootstrap (mobile-first), database-independent (PDO), and has full debugging capacity based upon XDebug and Chrome. PHsPeed supports the most recent PHP versions, currently 8.1 since the end of December last year.

We do not have a table that compares PHsPeed to all the other platforms, but most of the things that SC has, you will find in PHsPeed. Select 2: yes, ajax events: yes (see youtube channel), refined search: yes (see youtube channel), as of version 2.2 (to be released in June) we will have predefined search as well, and a lot of other new stuff, like integration of AV element (like YouTube/Vimeo), PayPal, and we always improve the IDE functionality (bulk generating of applications).

If you want to find out if PHsPeed can replace your environment, then the only way to find out is to take a trial and look for yourself. A good start would be that you make a list of requirements so that we can see what would be the best option for you.

I can imagine that you have more questions. I think that your native language is Spanish. You can use the Spanish forum for your questions so that you will be answered in your native language. All documentation however is in English, PHsPeed IDE is in Engish as well. You can - of course - create multilingual applications. But the ecosystem is English only.