Bootstrap 5

marco, Fri Mar 05 2021, 08:50PM

Bootstrap 5 has a beta status now. Is there any news about support for this new version? Can we expect it to be supported?

Re: Bootstrap 5
administrator, Fri Mar 05 2021, 09:06PM

Hi Marco, you're a bit impatience ;-) But yes, we will support Bootstrap 5, and in fact, it is already implemented in the IDE. I will write a small blog about it somewhere next week. But having said this, I must admit that we don't have a fully working version yet. We see some incompatibilities of BS4 vs. BS5, especially about the spacing of rows and columns. So if you generate a form for BS4, it looks good. But if you use the same form and generate code for BS5, then the padding and margins have changed. We haven't done all testing and expect to find more issues. After all, Bootstrap 5 is still a beta, and the same thing applies to the bootstrap themes (bootswatch). So, yes, it is available in the next version, and no, it is not fully functional.