How can I set the correct language for Parsley?

marco, Thu Feb 18 2021, 08:30PM

I am not creating a multilingual application, just German. But the Parsley library is always showing English error messages. I could not find a property to change that. How can I set the messages to German?

Re: How can I set the correct language for Parsley?
administrator, Thu Feb 18 2021, 08:50PM

Hi Marco, that's quite easy:

1. go to project->localization.

2. If German is not already there, then under the language settings add 'german' by selecting the language from the pull-down and click +

3. Select the German language and click the select button to allow the language to be used in your project

4. Set German as the default language.

In addition, if you do use more languages then you can add more to your project. But you need to select a default language. To change the language you can write a simple line of code, or use the 'change language' component.