Privacy statement

PHsPeed (by Aducom Software) takes the utmost care when dealing with personal data. We only collect data from customers for accounting purposes and what is legally required for good bookkeeping. For that, we collect the name of the company, contact person, address data, email address, financial and license data regarding payment. We do NOT share this data with 3rd parties other than legal authorities requesting them.

After termination of your license, we will keep your information for a period of 7 years, in accordance with the archive law.

Requests to access data

You have the right to ask Aducom Software for an overview of all of the personal data that has been collected concerning you, how it has been processed and how long it will be stored for. If you think that some of your personal data is incorrect or if you no longer want your data to be processed, you can ask for this data to be amended, for Aducom Software to stop processing it or to have it deleted.

To do so, please send a written request to access data to Aducom Software, or use the unsubscribe function in the license manager. 

Data breaches

A data breach occurs when personal information is destroyed, accessed, or released without explicit permission. This includes leaking information (whether accidentally or intentionally), as well as the unlawful processing of personal data. The most common examples of data breaches are a computer being hacked. To avoid risk we do not expose data through the website, but only within the license manager. The license manager uses strong encryption in conjunction with HTTPS to exchange data.

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