Version 2.3.1 Released

 administrator    15 Oct 2022
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Today we released version 2.3.1...

This release involves further enhancements of the IDE. The release notes can be found here.

This version will verify the defined MariaDB/MySQL port of the loaded project and the configured port and will pop up a dialog to correct the connection. This is implemented to fix the issue reported by our current user pool. The original port 3306 was changed to 3307 which caused issues with older projects.

The (sample) project loader has been upgraded to support the creation of the sample database (if required).

This release also brings an updated implementation of PHP 8.2 and XDebug. Both modules are not been formally released yet, and we deploy the current release candidates. The debugger is not fully tested yet, but it now works on PHP 8.2.

New releases for the modules are optional. If you have a recent version of PHsPeed, then run the config utility and select the incremental updates. New installs should do this automatically; if not, you can use the same procedure. New releases are always announced in our newsletter (subscribe if you haven't), our website, and the IDE landing page.