Version 2.2 Released

 administrator    24 Jun 2022
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Improved IDE/Debugger, PWA, New components...

Today (24th of June), we released version 2.2. In addition to the documentation we have sent to our customers, here is a summary of solutions if you run into issues:

  1. Make a backup of your project folders
    It is not mandatory, as PHsPeed maintains all kinds of backup files, but once loaded into the new IDE and saved, the file will not be loadable in older versions.

  2. Project corrupt error
    This error message is usually caused when an older project is migrated. But easily fixed, at least in 99% of the cases. Go to the project source tab, and locate for double quotes: "You will see something like ^somekeyword=" this is some text", ^someotherkeyword... The solution is to replace the double quotes with a single one and/or remove the text. Save the project file and then reload the project.
  3. RegisterOwner not found
    This error is generated when the deployed runtime is not refreshed. The first step is to go to deployment and purge deployed files. If you are using private libraries, redeploy the libraries. Then regenerate the code.

Release notes

Bugfixes: see bug tracker.
Full release notes: see this post


  • Much cleaner interface, removed duplicate functions
  • Upgraded XDebug client for higher performance and fixed a bug that could cause crashes
  • New (context-sensitive) help function based upon HelpNDoc, removed Wiki
  • Displays changed modules in the project tree
  • Upgraded Chromium and homepage
  • Setup for easy PWA applications
  • Additional options in the application wizards


  • Grid component enhanced.
  • More features like fixed header, events, recordable headers, etc.
  • Modal forms enhanced, allows suppression of refresh events. Improved 'free use' outside Crud functionality
  • New components for PayPal, YouTube, Vimeo, MP3, MP4, Database Export, Vertical menu
  • Improved and upgraded components for Charts, DBTable, DB(Simple)Query, and DataSource

Note about PWA

All visual applications built in PHsPeed can be migrated into a PWA, using the PWA setup module found under projects. There are some misunderstandings about what a PWA is and how you can use them.

First of all, Apple is not fully compliant with the PWA standards. If you want to 'install' a PWA configured application on IOS, you must manually add the application to the homepage. That has nothing to do with PHsPeed.

If you create your application with a desktop in mind, you might need to redesign your forms so that they will look good on a mobile phone. For instance, a mobile is not quite capable of showing massive data grids. This doesn't mean that you cannot use PWA for these types of applications, but for the best usability, you must design your forms so that Bootstrap can resize them properly to display them right on smaller mobile screens.

PWA applications build in PHsPeed are still web-based applications that will only run when there is an active internet connection. If there is no connection, the home screen will notify and the application will continue to run once the connection is established.