PHsPeed version 3.0 released.

 administrator    27 Jan 2023
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After extensive testing we are proud to release version 3.0

This version contains many improvements, and you can find the details in the Release Notes that you can find on the download page.

If you are a customer, you must download the latest installer to use version 3.0. If you are a user of the pre-release of 3.0, then an upgrade notice will appear automatically.

One significant improvement is that you can run multiple versions of PHsPeed together. We removed the dependencies, and now all PHsPeed software is installed in one folder. If you want to uninstall, you can delete the install folder, and it's gone. We do not store items in the registry; all setup is saved in an ini file that is part of the main install folder. That is also the reason why you don't find an uninstall option in the Windows applications section.

In comparison with the previous release, you will see that we have a new user interface. It now follows the standard application development workflow and is the result of the hard work of our front-end designer. It is different, but our developers got used to it very soon, and we haven't heard anything bad about it from our beta testers.

Other enhancements are that we have released our first document that contains a PHsPeed primer and a PHP primer (for novice developers). And we will release some basic courseware soon. We have released some new videos on our YouTube channel, and there are more on their way. Of course, we have also been improving our manual, which is a continuous process.

So a lot is going on currently. We hope that you will enjoy our new release. We're happy to answer your questions and read your comments.

Oh, before I forget, we also restarted our webinars. If you are new to PHsPeed, they are a great way if you want to be introduced. We also provide instruction on a private level.

Happy coding!