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 administrator    02 May 2022
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As of now ...

Hi, and great to see you here! We are proud of our new website, and in the upcoming weeks, we will reveal a lot of new features that will be in our release 2.2. If you haven't already, we would advise you to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when new releases come out or when there is something to announce. And no, we do not share your email with others, nor will we spam you with useless 'offers'. As you might know, we like to simplify things. No difficult license models, no 'special' promotions. Just a great product for a very fair price. No sudden 'huge' increase in pricing or other unpleasant surprises!

Talking about the pricing is not a nice subject, but we will increase our license price for new licenses as of July 2022. As every company, we too suffer from increased costs. We kept our pricing low for early adaptors, but currently, PHsPeed is competing with all the products out there, which means that we will drop our early-bird discount.

If you are already a customer, then you will not be touched by the new pricing. We keep our promises! But if you are new and want to save a few bucks, then this might be the right time to step in. But if you can't, PHsPeed will still be very affordable.

Then some good news. I will give you detailed information about the new features in the following blogs. But to mention a few:

  • Improved user interface
    We started to work with a front-end designer, and the first improvements to the user interface already have been implemented. Our Wiki will be removed and replaced by a new help system powered by HelpNDoc. This allows us to concentrate all our documentation in one place and implement a help function within the IDE. A first implementation is already in place!

  • PayPal
    We have added a new component to connect to the PayPal gateway.

  • Charts
    We improved our implementation of ChartJS.

  • XML/JSon/CSV output
    We have added a new component to export your dataset result in several formats. Just bind the component to the data source, and you're done.

  • Vimeo, Youtube, MP3, Mp4
    We added new components to embed these formats into your PHspeed applications.

  • PWA
    Yes, you read it well. Last but not least. As of PHsPeed version 2.2, you can create a fully qualified PWA application. For those who do not know what this means, you can have your web application look like an App. Users can install this app without needing an app store, and in fact, it is still a web application. But you will have an icon on your mobile that responds directly to the web app, without the url line. It's installable and to convert your application into a PWA is as you might expect from a low-code tool... NO CODING IS REQUIRED!