First Beta of version 3.1 released

 administrator    10 Jul 2023
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For our beta test team.

We are pleased to announce the release of our first beta version of 3.1 to a select group of our customers. This beta version aims to conduct initial custom tests and gather valuable feedback. Version 3.1 introduces numerous improvements and enhancements to our platform. In addition to the elements we previously mentioned in our last post, we have an extensive list of further enhancements:

Fixes and improvements in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

  1. Tabs are now non-movable to prevent synchronization issues.
  2. Added a code snippet generation function for simple querying and emailing with templates.
  3. Improved speed and efficiency of RefreshDB, which caches data and optimizes retrieval fields and properties for better performance with larger data structures.
  4. Enhanced Dbtablefields with options for on_insert and on_update to easily set dates, guids, etc.
  5. Added support to disable internal MySQL, although it is not recommended for using internal samples.
  6. Added support for UUID in SQL Server, MariaDB, and PostGres.
  7. Streamlined project structure maintenance through the section manager, making it easier to create functional structures.
  8. Fixed label nulls to not null in the table field list, resolving a typo in the column header.
  9. Improved property group editing, allowing groups to hold properties without affecting the sort order. Added a new group for device context with a sub-property editor.
  10. Enabled bulk editing of field properties for label and value, read-only and required. Provides a fast update for all fields in the form using a single function.
  11. Enhanced the ability to add attachments to the export file. This functionality will be further enhanced with the import feature, allowing the inclusion of database DDL files and SQL queries.
  12. Corrected many hint texts that did not match the associated keys.
  13. Added FreeTDS support, an additional database layer for the IDE to bind with PostGres and SQL Server, catering to customers who cannot use regular drivers.
  14. Added a location for the database DLL, useful in situations where the database driver is not automatically found during installation.
  15. Introduced a group editor for the device context.
  16. Improved the light theme to address color inconsistencies.
  17. Added the option to restore the last version from the versioning system. In case projects get corrupted, users can easily revert back to the previous version using the version manager.
  18. Enabled the restoration of selected files, allowing users to restore any file other than the last one without relying on the compare function.
  19. Fixed IDE crashes caused by corrupted input files.
  20. Enhanced exception handling of the IDE to prevent the system from crashing without the ability to recover.
  21. Improvement: If no main application is specified, the system defaults to the first app, avoiding error messages.
  22. Decoupling forms is now possible, even when a form is on a building block, ensuring corrections can be made without disrupting the entire layout.
  23. Added a search function in inspect to find data within a result set of nested variables, useful for PHP objects with deeper objects.
  24. The editor now displays the function of the code being inspected, providing convenience when working in source-code mode. Scrolling over the source will show the associated function in the PHP editor.
  25. Fixed the property editor when the height does not contain a valid integer, preventing the IDE from freezing.

Fixes and improvements in the Debugger(s):

  1. Enhanced the debugger's behavior during debugging mode, allowing users to enable and disable breakpoints according to their requirements.
  2. Added support for conditional breakpoints, enabling the setting of breakpoints based on expressions.
  3. Fixed the issue where get parameters were not passed during debug mode.

Fixes and improvements in the various editors:

  1. CSS Editor: Simplified interface for editing CSS.
  2. PHP Editor: Resolved code extraction issues from class/functions.
  3. PHP Editor: Improved code completion with methods.

Fixes and improvements in the wizards:

  1. Added support for master-detail relations using forms.
  2. Fixed issues with duplicates on field names that occasionally occurred.
  3. Fixed a bug related to using DBQuery component instead of DBTable in the Application Wizard.

Improvements in code generation:

  1. Modified lookup forms to work without checkboxes.
  2. Enabled lookup using building blocks without requiring onacceptclick.
  3. Fixed an endless loop issue with MD and Cloud connector.
  4. Added support for left and right join for table custom fields, preventing empty results.
  5. Improved date conversion in grid fields.

Fixes and improvements in the components:

  1. Introduced a new function in dbnav, allowing dynamic change of button colors.
  2. Added a new function in dbnav, enabling dynamic changes to button visibility and properties.
  3. Rounded input fields for developers who prefer that style.
  4. Multilevel horizontal menu functionality.
  5. Corrected the icon display on the grid new button.
  6. Added the first-child option for panel headers, enabling rounding of the header if necessary.
  7. Fixed parameter issues with menus, ensuring parameters are used in all cases.

Fixes and improvements in the runtime:

  1. Encoded data in base 64 for DBGrid onclickrow, resolving issues with edit/delete functionality.
  2. Enhanced collapsible refined search.
  3. Treated labels like other fields, allowing for horizontal label/description layouts.
  4. Implemented flooding protection.
  5. Corrected custom class on panel headers.
  6. Fixed the refresh of RefinedSearch, preventing crashes and displaying correct results.
  7. Resolved code extraction issues from class/functions.
  8. Optimized JavaScript and CSS inclusion by only including the necessary libraries in the generator. Additionally, embedded libraries used in building blocks, such as headers, footers, and lookup forms, are included.

These fixes, improvements, and enhancements in version 3.1 aim to provide a more robust and efficient experience for our users. We appreciate the valuable feedback and collaboration from our beta testers, which will help us refine and perfect our platform further. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to enhance our services. The formal release date is the first of September 2023.