PHsPeed version 3.1 released

 administrator    01 Sep 2023
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Today we released version 3.1.

We're thrilled to bring you a long-awaited announcement – the arrival of PHsPeed Version 3.1! Our dedicated team has been working hard, and we're delighted to showcase the incredible enhancements and fixes that come with this new release.

What's New?

Get ready to experience a whole new level of efficiency and creativity with PHsPeed 3.1. This version is packed with many exciting features and improvements designed to elevate your development experience. Here's a sneak peek at some of the highlights:

Feature Galore:
Version 3.1 introduces various innovative features that will revolutionize how you create applications. You'll find everything you need to build dynamic and engaging apps effortlessly from enhanced UI components to streamlined data management.

Performance Boost:
We've worked tirelessly to optimize performance and speed up your workflow. Say goodbye to lags and delays, and enjoy a smooth and responsive development process like never before.

Bug Squashes:
Our team has diligently addressed various bugs and glitches to ensure a seamless experience. Your feedback has been invaluable in this journey, and we're committed to delivering a reliable platform.

Revamped Interface:
Experience PHsPeed like never before with a refreshed user interface. A clean, modern design awaits you, making navigation and interaction more intuitive and enjoyable.

Integration Ease:
Version 3.1 offers enhanced integration capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly connect with third-party tools and services. Unlock a world of possibilities as you expand the functionalities of your applications.

Documentation Overhaul:
We understand the importance of comprehensive documentation. That's why we've enhanced our guides and tutorials to provide you with crystal-clear instructions, helping you make the most of PHsPeed's powerful features.

Why Reconsider?
If you've been away from PHsPeed for a while, now is the perfect time to take another look. With the remarkable enhancements in Version 3.1, you'll find a more powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly platform than ever before. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, PHsPeed has something incredible to offer you.

Thank you for being a part of the PHsPeed community. We're dedicated to your success and look forward to seeing the fantastic applications you'll create with Version 3.1.

Stay innovative, stay creative, and stay PHsPeed!

Best regards, The PHsPeed Team

PHsPeed version 3.0 released.

 administrator    27 Jan 2023
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After extensive testing we are proud to release version 3.0

This version contains many improvements, and you can find the details in the Release Notes that you can find on the download page.

If you are a customer, you must download the latest installer to use version 3.0. If you are a user of the pre-release of 3.0, then an upgrade notice will appear automatically.

One significant improvement is that you can run multiple versions of PHsPeed together. We removed the dependencies, and now all PHsPeed software is installed in one folder. If you want to uninstall, you can delete the install folder, and it's gone. We do not store items in the registry; all setup is saved in an ini file that is part of the main install folder. That is also the reason why you don't find an uninstall option in the Windows applications section.

In comparison with the previous release, you will see that we have a new user interface. It now follows the standard application development workflow and is the result of the hard work of our front-end designer. It is different, but our developers got used to it very soon, and we haven't heard anything bad about it from our beta testers.

Other enhancements are that we have released our first document that contains a PHsPeed primer and a PHP primer (for novice developers). And we will release some basic courseware soon. We have released some new videos on our YouTube channel, and there are more on their way. Of course, we have also been improving our manual, which is a continuous process.

So a lot is going on currently. We hope that you will enjoy our new release. We're happy to answer your questions and read your comments.

Oh, before I forget, we also restarted our webinars. If you are new to PHsPeed, they are a great way if you want to be introduced. We also provide instruction on a private level.

Happy coding!

Version 2.3.1 Released

 administrator    15 Oct 2022
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Today we released version 2.3.1...

This release involves further enhancements of the IDE. The release notes can be found here.

This version will verify the defined MariaDB/MySQL port of the loaded project and the configured port and will pop up a dialog to correct the connection. This is implemented to fix the issue reported by our current user pool. The original port 3306 was changed to 3307 which caused issues with older projects.

The (sample) project loader has been upgraded to support the creation of the sample database (if required).

This release also brings an updated implementation of PHP 8.2 and XDebug. Both modules are not been formally released yet, and we deploy the current release candidates. The debugger is not fully tested yet, but it now works on PHP 8.2.

New releases for the modules are optional. If you have a recent version of PHsPeed, then run the config utility and select the incremental updates. New installs should do this automatically; if not, you can use the same procedure. New releases are always announced in our newsletter (subscribe if you haven't), our website, and the IDE landing page.