• PHsPeed XAMPP

    • Release 2018-1-A, Added PHP 7.2.0, XDebug driver (beta version)


    • Enh: Implementation of PHP 7.2.0
    • Enh: Implementation of Beta XDebug driver for php 7.2.0 (currently there is only a beta driver available. It  might crash. It is advised to develop in another php version and test the final code under php 7.2.0 to verify compatibility.
    • Enh: Added dbTableField property editor for selecting (int) field.


    • Added autoincrement property to dbtable component. Since the autoincrement method differs per database we needed a simple way to maintain database independency. The autoincrement field can be set to an integer key and will autoincrement using the simple 'select max... from' method. It might generate a duplicate key theoretically when two people execute the same proces at the same time, but in that case a new save would solve the issue.

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