• Because of issues with several virus scanners that  'heuristic' mark the software as suspicious (because phpSpeed is updating automatically over the internet) we have decided to start digitally signing our software. It should keep the AV software happy, but we would like to know if someone out there is still having issues. We will go into contact with that anti-virus company. Currently we have seen issues with Bitdefender (which actually is a bug in BD as it also destroyed windows system files, even plain php files) and Symantec. Our current tests with the signed software went ok, so I guess we have solved the problems, but we cannot test it on every anti-virus software on the market.

    Doing this we decided to re-release version C, and you only need to re-install using the installer. Because we already had some small things added this is a bonus for version C ;-)


    • Enh: IDE shows the port Apache is running on in the local PHsPeed Xampp panel
    • Enh: If the local PHsPeed Xampp is installed then changing listen port in the preferences will change the used port on the fly.


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