• IDE

    • Enh: preset filter on visible and invisible component (suppresss layout components)
    • Implementation of PH-Xampp web environment (Apache, MariaDB, PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, (7.2), XDebug
    • Fix: spaces in projectnames, module names etc. are stripped to prevent generation issues.
    • Enh: drawing of components in designer improved
    • Enh: popup memo now support syntax awareness for html and sql
    • Fix: generated DBNavigator in grid application wizzard corrected
    • Fix: Javascript overhaul of DBNavigator component to allow dynamic creation
    • Fix: Menu generator now generates full unique IDs for left AND right orientated menu items
    • Fix: Setup preferences did not allow the application to abort
    • Enh: Added module for PHsPeed Xampp distribution. Start/stop apache, mariaDB etc.
    • Upg: Added PHsPeed Xampp to the preferences. Installation is automatically detected and used.
    • Enh: Style editor for advanced styles like shades, gradient colors etc.
    • Enh: Changed property editor of class to update general style sheet
    • Enh: Changed property editor of styles to allow local and global style
    • Enh: Property editor for dbNav
    • Imp: IDE caches some preferences for quicker start-up
    • Imp: Replaced some deprecated security functions to opensll (needed for PHP7.2)


    • change: DBNavigator, complete new implementation. Supports text buttons, image buttons and both.
    • enh: Generating advanced styles by style properties
    • enh: Generating styles into project stylesheet.
    • imp: Adding $app to onFinish events
    • fix: clearing (ajax) message after sending it to the server
    • Imp: Saving $app in local component for reference use


    • change: DBNavigator, new property for option settings, new style implementation to support text and/or images
    • enh: DBNavigator, buttons are data-aware
    • enh: DBTable: events for onbefore/after add, update and delete
    • fix: Typo in cMenu component declaration causing 'brand' property to fail


    • Version 1.2 released: install of PHsPeedXampp added.


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