• IDE

    • Fix: fixed issue in project preferences, main module was not saved after modification.
    • Enh: popup on editor for fast change between PHP, Form Designer, CSS panels.
    • Enh: improvement on style sheet editor
    • Enh: new styles templates
    • Enh: improved color editor
    • Enh: added javascript debugger (Embedded Chromium)
    • Enh: added option to automatic filter row and col components from generated list (improves usability)
    • Enh: improved wizzard for (crud) form application
    • New: wizzard for grid application
    • Fix: Property settings in the dbfields list were saved and processed, but re-reading in the property editor went wrong
    • Change: Removed clCSS property from components as it became obsolete. Instead a css button will appear in the property editor when the property influences the stylesheet.


    • Enh: Ajax loader image can be enabled and disabled. It requires that you refresh the ondocumentready event javascript to get it working.
    • Fix: <div> correction on date picker
    • Fix: generation process generated wrong action on forms.


    • Fix: spDBCalendar: conversion of dates is now done in the constructor
    • Enh: conversion routines for different date formats
    • Fix: spForm: conversion to internal format of fields removed and relocated to spFormEditObject
    • Fix: spDBTable: handling for empty tables
    • Fix: spDBTable: handling for update/delete on empty table
    • Fix: spForm: setting database edit values to empty on empty table or resultset
    • Enh: spForm: passes recordcount of data aware component to underlying spNavBar to allow navbar buttons to be disabled when the dataset is empty
    • Ehn: spDataSource: changes on empty dataset, see above

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