• Due to version issues in the installer we decided to skip version 0.9.6 so that we are in sync with the installer now. This will be one of the latest alpha versions. The bugslist has become pretty empty.
    There are still omissions in the amount of components and functionality, but that is something that will be solved over time in the upcoming versions.

    Our current attention goes to testing the components and writing software for saving preferences for database connection and email connection.


    • Fixed issue that lost parent info of child components when changing ownership of the parent component. PHsPeed will now recover this issue.
    • Fixed issue that the switches for generating csrf / ip code had no effect on result
    • Applied new property to clear and destroy session. This will prevent the 'hanging' of variables during session time.
    • Enhancement: Localization editor now contains template editor for large text
    • Fixed issue that formatting text to template replicated escape characters (Templates)
    • Enhancement: formatting text can be configured for single and double quotes (Localization and templates)
    • Removed tool button for recalculating form (was already obsolete)
    • Enhancement: added memo viewer for more easy inspection of large json nodes
    • Fixed: It's  no longer possible to create modules with existing names
    • Fixed: Database connection list will now be cleaned before loading new project (no longer replication will occur)
    • Correction: Default connection list location has been changed from _libs to ifo.
    • Correction: Connectionlist from defaults will be appended to property list of component on projects containing unknown connections names (i.e. after importing project of others).
    • Enhancement: new module generator for creating crud application based upon tablename.
    • Fixed: The used chromium embedded browser could show tiny font due to a missing pak file. The missing files have been added to the install package
    • Enhancement: function to full export project
    • Enhancement: function to import full project (and rename if name already excists)
    • Enhancement: function to export one or more modules from a project
    • Enhancement: function to import a module
    • Correction: deleting module/project now removes left-overs
    • Correction: check for duplicate project name in 'new project' and 'create sample project'
    • Enhancement/correction: function to rename duplicate identifiers
    • Fix: when choosing a default webserver in the preferences, then php version, the filename is not displayed correctly
    • Preparation: making measures for implementing bootstrap 4
    • Fix: generation of top-margin label changed so that it matches internal format
    • PHP Editor directives added ($SET [option] / $RESET [option]) to allow adding 'free php code'
    • Fix: renaming module, now also renames child files
    • Fix: watches now refresh correctly. Only one level deep to avoid performance issues. Use the inspect function for deeper insight.


    • Fixed: code generation for csrf and ip code now depends on property setting
    • Enhancement: new property 'autoconnect' can prevent database from connecting when config is fully manual (set in application)
    • Fixed: redirect in menu
    • Fixed: top-margin for header now generates correct code
    • Fixed: duplicate reference to form deleted
    • Enh. Added $app as accessible variable to allow bootstrap dialog boxes (showMessage($msg));
    • Enh. Free php code is used to create a dependency file. This allows adding custom code to not generated function prototypes.
    • Enh. Logoff on application automatically resets session status (clears globals etc.)


    • cDBConnection: new property 'autoconnect'
    • cDBConnection: added methods for saving/loading preferences
    • cDBConnection: fixed method onConnectionError
    • top-margin property of module now generates correct prototype
    • cMenu: default logoff clears session variables and destroys session


    • Added new macro for cleaning and destroying php session (session_stop)
    • Added config application for setting database and email preferences on production level

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