Installer has the option to move a licence to another workstation.
    After registration you don't have to quit and restart the installer, the application restarts itself.


    PHSpeed IDE Preferences for default directories corrected.  If directories do not exists, then they will be automatically created.
    Preferences page modified: added XAMPP preferences, changed search procedure to locate for /www and /htdocs.
    Preferences page modified: added UNIFORM preferences
    Projects can be deleted now
    Added a filter for componentlist
    Enh: quickfunction for adding rows
    Enh: quickfunction for adding columns
    Enh: quickfunction for adding grids
    Fixed: synchronisation between design panel and component tree. All movements on the design panel are directly processed in the component tree. Same the other way around while dragging and dropping in the component tree.
    Fixed: action parameter of form that contained the extension twice (.php.php).
    Fixed: AV after loading project and using tab to comonents without having a module selected
    Fixed: Now projectnames are cleaned if they contain spaces
    Fixed: Componenttree, could not implode well
    Fixed: Change component order did not work well
    Improvement: Debugger response improved.
    Improvement: Function for recalculating form removed due to sync fix.
    Enh: Filter and refilter function on component tree


    The HTML templates are now generated with hidden placeholders.


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